Are you an All Inclusive or All Assuming Employer

Friday 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Session Description

We have the facts and statistics to know that embracing and harnessing Diversity and Inclusion within an organization not only promotes a broad spectrum of talent, but it creates a magnet of employee and candidate engagement. The problem is, we must first humble ourselves as employers and leaders to admit when when we are either a talent assuming employer, or a talent inclusive employer. We must start in understanding our own unconscious bias as an organization, and move forward to embracing the positive outcomes in being fully inclusive.

Clinton Bradley

With over 16 years in the Human Resources Management and Talent Acquisition field, Clinton is devoted to helping employees thrive and businesses make the most of their resources by focusing on the inclusion of talent by eliminating bias. Clinton is the Nurse Recruiter Sourcing Specialist for North Kansas City Hospital, and also serves as the VP of Finance and Diversity & Inclusion Director for SHRM KC. Clinton also serves as MOSHRM State Council for Diversity & Inclusion.
Clinton attended Hillsdale Freewill Baptist Bible College where he received his first undergrad in Ministerial Studies, then went on to complete a second degree in Socio-Political Communications from Missouri State University. Clinton served thirteen years under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell with the United States Air Force Guard and Reserve. During that time he volunteered for three deployments during the Iraq Freedom Campaign and Enduring Freedom Campaign. Before receiving his honorable discharge, Clinton led an on-base focus group dedicated to the advocacy and repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
Clinton came to Kansas City six years ago by way of Honolulu, Hawaii where he was stationed with an active duty position as a Personnel Supervisor. Clinton fell in love with the Kansas City community, SHRM KC, and his husband, Dr. Evan Swanson, and decided to stay! Clinton and his husband live in Johnson County with their little dogs Leo and Luca.