Advanced HR Advisory Skills: Making Your Pay Program Drive Engagement

Friday 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Session Description

The way an organization pays its employees contains the most sincere truth about how that organization values employees. HR is the lynchpin in driving managers – those with direct control of employee work and careers – to deliver pay correctly and in the context of engagement desired by the organization. Into the theory of pay program design, this seminar will instruct participants on how to help managers use their pay program as an effective tool to build short- and longer-term employee engagement.

Dan Ripberger, PHR, CCP

Dan Ripberger is Managing Director of RSC Advisory Group. RSC provides consulting services in pay and performance. Prior to RSC, he worked for Towers Perrin in Washington DC, Aon Consulting/Radford and PRM Consulting. He maintains certifications from World At Work and SHRM and is a frequent author and presenter on executive and employee compensation issues.