Go Digital to Get Personal – How to Use Technology to Enhance the Candidate and Employee Experience!

Wednesday 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Session Description

SSM Health started on the journey to candidate experience in 2015 by listening to feedback from all customers in the Talent Acquisition process and identifying areas of opportunity with data. We established goals which translated into promises to our candidates and redesigned our processes and aligned technology to support these promises. We found new technology to deliver on this exceptional experience and made our process and promises public to share our commitment to our candidates. Now we are on a journey to improve the employee experience with this same methodology and technology!
Learn more about SSM Health’s journey to candidate experience through the use of technology, how we have expanded this experience to our own employees and how you can get started too!

Becki Feldmann

Becki Feldmann is the System Leader for Talent Management Systems and Technology at SSM Health. She has been with the organization for 13 years and started as a psych tech in one of the hospitals. After being drawn into retention and development initiatives she moved into the organizational development space which led to many opportunities in HR and then IT. In 2014, Becki landed in Talent Management where she is now focused on optimizing technology and connecting people to improve the candidate and employee experience. Becki is a very unique blend of HR and IT which has proven very successful in designing/delivering technology to meet the ever changing needs of the business to achieve exceptional results.