You Just Have To Laugh

Thursday 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM

Session Description

David Naster is a rare blend of quality entertainment and true inspiration. He is funny without cursing. He motivates without preaching. With laser-sharp focus, Naster demonstrates how humor dissolves any type of stress. He does this by using real examples from real people who have been through life’s toughest times. The beauty of David’s presentation is that the audience is laughing as he empowers them to deal with their own stressful issues. They leave feeling good and knowing how to continue that feeling.

David Naster

David Naster was the only American Comedian to open for Celine Dion’s World Love Tour. He has been a headline act for Norwegian Cruise Lines for 29 years/ As a speaker Naster’s You Just Have To Laugh (YJHTL) proves why and how humor makes tough times better. David is endorsed by renowned physicians Dr. Patch Adams, Dr. Bernie Siegel and Herb Kelleher (founder of Southwest Airlines). David’s books and films have been implemented at numerous hospitals, treatment centers, Stanford Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic and MD Anderson Cancer Institute. YJHTL is healing people one laugh at a time.