GET READY FOR GENERATION Z (iGeneration): Why bosses won’t ‘like’ Generation Z

Wednesday 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Session Description

Over the last couple of years the realities of massive generational change have dawned on many business leaders. While the issues of an ageing population and a new attitude to work have literally been emerging for a generation, it has been a sudden awakening for many organisations. In fact dealing with these demographic changes and specifically recruiting, retaining and managing the new generations has emerged as one of the biggest issues facing employers today.

They are truly the 21st Century generation, with the whole of their formative years lived in this century.
They are sizable, digital, global, visual and social. Their lives are post-lifestage, their learning is post-linear and their careers post-structural. In this session Claire will outline how to best engage with the most formally educated, technologically literate and materially endowed generation in history.

Mohamed Mesbah

Recognized as Global speaker, TV speaker, Motivational speaker, facilitator and event chairman, Conducted more than 115 Live TV interviews with more than 6 international Channels such as BBC, Nile International TV, Dubai Channel, Nile Life, Mehwar and Nile Culture Spoke in more than 45 Global events in 23 countries in 4 continents, Tedx and SHRM Speaker, trained more than 45000 professional during the last 17 years Mohamed Mesbah is brings more than sixteen years of experience in HR, training, Former Country Managing Director and Cluster HR Head in American President Lines (global organization) leaded a highly innovative global organization branch in Egypt, now operating in over 9 branches, together with management team and Expat MD, developed the organization strategy in Egypt, focused on organizational and individual development particularly where this translates into high performance whilst maintaining wellbeing and positive behaviors, built and managed the infrastructure for two new legal businesses entities (APL Egypt LLC and APL logistics LLC), including the highly successful corporate business strategy, which acquired and developed relationships representing $290 Million yearly for last 10 years My current and previous roles included regional responsibilities and projects in different countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Libya, Sudan, UAE, and Turkey, USA, Germany, Netherlands and Singapore, responsible for the transformation program in Saudi Arabia/Bahrain and the overall country HR strategy included achieving the Saudization program, Leads and executes regional development and training projects and programs in Turkey and Libya, Engaged in the Global HR system and the productivity matrix projects with The Global HR team in Singapore, involved in setting up of local HR shared services to cater to 5 countries in the Middle East, Delivered cloud solutions and managed the change moving from web concept to mobile application strategy Currently lead consultant and Head of Millennial Practice with Resilience& UK A holder of Master degree, International Business Major from College of Cambridge KIPP, UK and Master of business Administration (MBA), Human Resources Management Major, (AAGSB) Arab Academy Graduate School of Business, Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (American University in Cairo) and multiple certifications in areas of human resource management, coaching and leadership included Chartered FCIPD, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development CIPD UK, Chartered Fellow CMgr FCMI, Chartered Management Institute Certified from different global institution such as British Psychological Society (BPS UK), Hey Group, Edexcel UK, Saville Assessment – Willis Towers Watson, CEB SHL UK, Assessment & Development Consultants Ltd (a&dc) and CIPD UK